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Your basics for Magick

Magick is sometimes spelled with a K in Wicca and Witchcraft to separate it from the magician-clown magic of pulling rabbits out of hats and stuff like that. Magick takes hard work and concentration. It's not just "Piggly squiggly abracadabra make my boyfriend into a loathsome toad." As you get into more advanced magick, less and less words get said, and more and more energy gets put into your work. Witches never do anything hateful, mean, spiteful, or all around negative in thier work. I'm not saying this goes for everything, because as any Teenager knows, you have to let you anger out some way! (Most likely one your parents or little brother. tehe I'm just kidding) Wicca and Witchcraft is a posative, reassuring, helpful religion.

There are a lot of kinds of magick. Most of these fall under the category of Love, healing, wealth, protection, and wisdom. Each category has certian rules that apply to it for the magick to work and work right.

PROTECTION MAGICK- The first thing you must remember about protection magick is that magick will not protect you unless you protect yourself in the Mundane world. If you don't lock your doors at night because you have a bottle of bent pins buried under to rhodadendron bush, you are not being very smart. Also, if you are proecting yourself by sending back negativity, please be careful so you know exactly who your sending the negativity to.


LOVE MAGICK- Love magick has some of the strictest rules of any of the magick categories. That is probably because We are so prone to wanting to force someone to love us. Unfortunatly, we do not have the right, or the power, to control peoples mind's like that. What we can do however, is in a sence, cast out the fishing rod. There are some spells which can bring a lover, no matter what lover, to you. The one that is meant for you. There are, of course, spells for family, freinds, pets, anything that has love involved in it.The possibilities are endless, as long as youd don't hurt anyone or interrupt in amyone's free will.

HEALING MAGICK- Helaing magick is a very sensative type of magick. You want to be very careful preforming it lest soemone get hurt. This can happen with all magicks, but I suggest you be particularly careful wiht this one. You can either preform healing magick on yourself or somone else. If you are preforming it on someone else, you should ask their permission and tell them exactly what it entails. If for some reason you can't do this, I suggest you do the spell anyway, but afterwards ask Spirit to send the magick to the person if they are ready to recieve it, or if not someone else who is. Also, when you are done, say something like this- "May this spell not reverse or place upon me (or the person you're preforming the spell on) any curse."

PROSPERITY MAGICK- There are not too many rules about Prosperity magick,but like all other types of magick you should follow them in order for it to work. 1. In order to BE prosperous, you must think prosperous. If you beleive that you will never be wealthy, then you probably never will, at least by means of magick. 2. Never work magick for someone else. If that does not work it can cause some sticky situations.


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