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Your Basics for Beginning Wicca

You're probably here to find out what- exactly are Wicca and Witchcraft? By dictionary definition, Wicca is a Neo-Pagan religion focusing on posative energy and magick. This is ture, but there is so much more to Wicca. Wiccans also call themselves Witches. A Witch applies to both men and women. Men are not called Wizards or Warlocks, because those terms mean traitor. Wiccans and Witches don't do black magick. We don't stick pins in replicas of people, nor do we summon demons. Just because we don't beleive in the devil doesn't mean there aren't other nasty being out there. In my opinion, there are two main branches of Wicca. Magick and religion. The two intertwine a lot, but you can still have one without the other, although I recommend that if you wanna do magick, you should look into the religion side of Wicca also. There are a lot of books out on the market about beginning Wicca. You can order them off the internet, or most chain bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Nobles have a New age section. Maybe your lucky enough to have freinds who also practice Witchcraft, then again, maybe not. I am not so lucky. Sometimes I wish I had someone to do rituals with, because I think that might make them more enjoyable. Most of the Teen Wiccan population practices alone though, and a lot of the adults do to. And when you get into more advanced important magick, it is probably best to practice alone. It makes for better, more personal results in some types of things. I want to cover another topic on this page... Relgious Tolerance. You may not want to tell people that you are a Witch, because people can be pretty stupid and untolerable. They jump to conclusions, spread rumors, and try to turn people away from you. They can be pretty vicious when they want to. What I suggest, unless you WANT everyone to know your a Witch, only tell a few trusted freinds. But the decision is entirely up to you, who you want to tell and who you dont want to tell. Which brings me to another factor- if you are interested in Wicca as a teen rebellion thing, you are not really a Witch. In order for Wicca and Witchcraft to work for you, you must take it seriously. If you walk around town all in black with pentagrmas dripping off every portion of your body, scaring little children and threatening people, you, I'm sorry to say, aren't really a Witch. Just because you say your a Witch doesn't mean you are. If you still think you're interested in Wicca and want to try a few spells, check out my spell page.


RELIGION- The religion of Wicca and Witchcraft has its roots in the oldest of Ancient history, as I said before. It has only been since the advent of Christianity that God has been veiwed as an unforgiving, monotheistic, male God of punishment, who damns you to hell if you sin. Don't get me wrong, I am open to all religions, and I respect thier views, I just don't always agree with them. Wicca is kinda like math, in a sence. There is Spirit; the All, the Universe; the Energy, whatever you may call him/her. Then there are the two faces of Spirit, the God and The Goddess. Beneath them are all other Gods and Goddesses; Zeus, Herne, Morrigan, arianrhod, Cerrunos, Oya, Kuan-yin, Kali, etc. All the Gods and Goddesses of all the cultures, all the religions, all add up to one; Spirit. The Goddess is usually seen as a Goddess of the Moon. She who rules over night. The Goddess has three fases, just like the fases of the Moon. The Moon goes from waxing to full to Waning. The Goddess goes from Maiden to Mother to Crone. The The God is usually considered to rule over the Sun. He is in charge of the seasons and the turning of the Year wheel. Sometimes, although not always, the God is said to go through form changes like the Goddess. He may be the Green Man, the Hunter, and the Lord of death, or likewise.

THE ELEMENTS- Another big part of Wicca that you will need to know in order to work spells is that about the Elements. The Elements are the four main forces of nature. They are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Earth is the North element in most cases. It's colors are green brown, and any other earth related colors yu can think of. It stands for growth, stability, fertility, ... Air is the East element in most cases. It's colors are yellow, gold, light blue, and some others. It stands for wisdom, intelligence, intellect, ... Fire is the South element in most cases. The colors are red and orange. Fire stands for creativity, destruction, power... Water is the West element in most cases. The colors for west are blue and purple. Water stands for love, transformation, motion... The elements are an integril part of a lot of aspects of Wicca. They are used in magick, religion, faeries, and ritual.


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