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Aphrodite- Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Apollo- Greek God of music.

Ares- Greek God of Water.

Artemis- Greek Goddess of the night and the hunt. Protector of women.

Athena- Goddess of wisdom, war, art, industry, justice, and skill.

Demeter- Greek Goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest.

Dionysus- Greek God of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature.

Hades- Ruler of the Underworld.

Helios- Greek God of the Sun.

Hephaestus- Greek God of smiths and fire.

Hera- Great Queen of Mount Olympus. Goddess of marriage and birth.

Hermes- Greek God of riches, trade, and luck.

Hestia- Greek Goddess of hearthfire and domestic life.

Poseidon- Greek God of the Sea.

Zeus- Ruler of all the Greek gods. God of the light and the sky.


Apollo- Roman God of sun, music, poetry, prophecy, and healing.

Bacchus- Roman God of wine.

Bellona- Roman Goddess wine.

Ceres- Roman Goddess of corn.

Cupid- Roman God of Love.

Diana- Roman Goddess of fertility, hunting, and the Moon.

Faunus- Roman God of prophecy.

Flora- Roman Goddess of flowers.

Janus- Roman God of gates and doors.

Juno- Roman Goddess of marriage and women.

Jupiter- Supreme king of the Roman Gods.

Lares- Roman God of household and estate.

Libintia- Roman Goddess of funerals.

Maia- Roman Goddess of growth and increase.

Mars- Roman God of War.

Mercury- Roman messanger god and commerce God.

Minerva- Roman Goddess of wisdom, arts, and trade.

Mithras- Roman gd of sun and light.

Neptune- Roman God of the Sea.

Ops- Roman goddess of fertility

Pales- Roman Goddess of flocks and shepards.

Pluto- Roman God on the underworld.

Pomona- Roman Goddess of fruit rees and fruit.

Proserpine- Roman goddess of the underworld.

Saturn- Roman God of seeds and harvest.

Venus- Roman goddess of beauty and love.

Vertumnus- Roman god of seasons.

Vesta- Roman Goddess of the hearth.

Vulcan- Roman God of Fire.



Baldr- Norse God of wisdom and radiance.

Bragi- Norse God of poetry.

Eir- Norse Goddess of medicine.

Forseti- Norse God of justice.

Frey- Roman God of fertility.

Freyja- Norse goddess of prosperity, fertility, and marriage.

Frigg- Norse Mother Goddess.

Fulla- Norse Goddess of fertility and virginity.

Gefjon- Norse Goddess of the sea and fertility.

Gna- Norse messanger and traveller Goddess.

Heimall- Norse watchman God and Dog of light.

Hermod- Norse God of bravery.

Hlin- Norse Goddess of consolation and protection.

Hoenir- Norse God of silence and light.

Idun- Norse Goddess of youth.

Lofn- Norse Goddess of permission and marriage.

Loki- Norse God of mischeif and evil.

Odin- Supreme Norse diety.

Saga- Norse Goddess of history.

Sjofn- Norse Goddess of matchmaking and love.

Snotra- Norse Goddess of virtue and self- discipline.

Thor- Norse God of thunder, lightning, and streangth.

Tyr- Norse God of war.

Ull- Norse God of archery.

Vali- Norse God of the battlefield.

Var- Norse Goddess of promises and vows.

Vidar- Norse God of independance, solitude, and freedom.

Vor- Norse Goddess of self-discipline and faith.



Irish Celtic

Aine- Irish Celtic Goddess of love and fertility.

Angus Og- Irish Celtic God of beauty.

Anu- Irish Celtic Goddess of manifestation magick, moon, air, fertility, and prosperity.

Babd Catha- Irish Celtic Goddess of war.

Bel- Irish Celtic God of fire and sun.

Bran- Irish Celtic God of health.

Brighid- Irish Celtic Goddess of fire and water. One of the triple goddesses.

Bris- Irish Celtic God of fertility and agriculture.

Dagda- Irish Celtic God of the Earth, and father God. Leader of the Tuatha de Danaan.

Danu- Irish Celtic Goddess of rivers, water, wells, prosperity, magick, and wisdom.

Diancecht- Irish Celtic God of healing and medicine.

Flidais- Irish Celtic Goddess of nature, forsets, woodlands, and wild things.

Labraid- Irish Celtic God of the underworld.

Macha- Irish Celtic Goddess of beauty and brightness.

Niamh- Irish Celtic Goddess of beauty and brightness.


Arawn- Welsh Celtic god of the underworld, terror, revenge, and war.

Arianrhod- Welsh Celtic Goddess of Air, reincarnation, full moons, time, karma, and retribution.

Amaethon- Welsh Celtic God of husbandry, agriculture, and luck.

Blodeuwedd- Welsh Celtic Goddess of wisdom, moon mysteries, and initiations. One of the triple Goddesses of the Welsh pantheon.

Cerridwen- Welsh Celtic Goddess of the Moon, grain, nature, poetry, music, luck, earth, death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, art, science, astrology and the zodiac.

Dewi- Welsh Celtic God of dragons.

Don- Welsh Celtic Goddess of the heavens, air, sea, control of the elements, andthe moon. Ruler of the underworld.

Dylan- Welsh Celtic God of the sea.

Elaine- Welsh Celtic Maiden Goddess.

Gwydion- Welsh Celtic God of Warriors an magic.

Gwynn ap Nudd- Welsh Celtic God of te underworld.

Math ap Mathowny- Welsh Celtic God of magic, sorcery, and enchantment.

Myrrdin- Welsh Celtic God of druids, magic, and sorcery. Also known as Merlin.


Airmid- Celtic Goddess of healing, midicine, and spring. Brings the dead back to life.

Artio- Celtic Goddess of the wild.

Balor- Celtic Goddess with a venomous eye. Good on the battlefield.

Branwen- Celtic Goddess of love and beauty.

Camalus- Celtic God of the sky and war.

Cerunnos- Celtic God of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld.

Cyhiraeth- Celtic Goddess of streams.

Druantia- Celtic Goddess, Queen of the Druids. Protector of trees, protection, knowledge, creativity, passion, sex, fertility, and growth.

Giobhniu- Celtic God of weaponry.

Lugh- Celtic God of druids, carpentry, and mason.

Llyr- Celtic God of waters and sea.

Maeve- Celtic Goddess of Earth, fertility, and war.

Manannan- Celtic God of sailors and merchants.

Margawse- Celtic Goddess of mothers.

Mebd- Celtic Goddess of war and drinking.

Mider- Celtic God of the underworld.

Morrigan- Celtic Goddess of war, death, ravens, fertility, the dark Goddess, and fate.

Nemain- Celtic Goddess of panic and war.