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The Faeries

Names for Faeries

Gaelic- Sith

Greece- Fata/ Destinies

Hispanic Countries- Hada

Ireland- Sidhe

Persia- Peri

Provencal- Fada

Suffolk- Farisees

Welsh- Fair Folk

Kinds of Faeries-

Bean Sidhe/Banshee- A faerie who is attatched to a certain family, and when one of the family members is about to die, the Banshee wails. Bean Sidhe is pronounced the same way, Sidhe being "Shee."

Brownies- Welsh and Scottish highland faeries, known for thier brown clothes and skin. About 3 feet tall.

Coblyn- Faeries that live in mines and find gold and silver, or whatever the miners are looking for for them.

Dryads- Faeries from all the Celtic countries (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) that lived in Oak trees and instructed the Druids.

Ellyllon- Welsh Faeries whose queen is Mab.

Elves- British and Welsh Faeries. Another name for trooping Faeries.

Gnomes- Earth elemental Faeries. Live underground and protect Earth's treasure.

Goblins- What we big stupid folk call ugly Brownies.

Gwragedd Annwn- Welsh lake Faeries.

Lepurchaun- Solitary Faery who makes shoes nad traditionally guards the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Merpeople- We all know Mermaids, but in case you've completely missed your childhood and never seen "The Little Mermaid," they are people down to their belly-buttons, and below there they have the tails of fish. Live in water and occasionally come up to sing to sailors and lure them to them.

People of the Hills- Faeries who live under hills.

Phouka- Dangerous shapeshifer Faeries.

Pixies- Faeries found in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwell of England.

Sidhe- The great race of Faeries found in Ireland and in the Scottish highlands. Was once the great Celtic gods of the Tuatha de Danaan but as people stopped believing in them they recceeded into the hills.

Subterranean Faeries- Any type of Faeries which live underground.

Tylwyth Teg- The most common Faeries found in Wales.

Unseelie Court- Any kind of evil Faerie.


There is a great debate over Faeries. 1.-Whether they actually exist at all, 2.-If they used to ever be Gods, 3.-Whether they have wings, and so on and so forth. The fact remains that we don't know much about them at all. A lot of our information on them comes from old Celtic myths, and who knows how these stories may have changed over the centuries.

This page is still under construction so keep checking!