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My magickal name is Arian Sagefire. I came up with this name because Arian is short for the Goddess Arianrhod. Sage is my favorite scent. It reminds me of Wyoming, my favorite state. Fire is my favorite element. I am a pyromaniac, so it kind of fits me well.

I came to Wicca through my old religion, Unitarianism, (which is a freeform kind of Christianity) which is kind of ironic. Unitarianism was founded in Boston, so every other year a youth group goes out there to see the old churches and stuff. We also visited Salem, which you all know is the town famous for it's Witch-hunts in the 17th century. In Salem we learned about the horror of what church officials and ignorant people did to Witches. Also in the muesem, they had a little bit about modern Witches- Wiccans! So when I got home from Boston I rushed out and bought the book "Wicca" by Viviane Crowley, and my journey began.

I feel like I've always had a calling to Witchcraft, now that I look back on the years before I became a Wiccan. When I was in elementry school me and my best friends would turn the Barbie Dolls into cauldron brewing, newt-stewing Witches. We'd all be Witches for Halloween, and were officially obsessed with Witches. I wrote a fair amount of short stories about Witches, some good like Glinda, some bad like Evillene. I was also really into the Burning times in Europe.

One of the hardest things about being a Teen Witch for me is knowing who and who not to tell. A good deal of my friends know, but those are only the ones I know I can trust not to tell the whole school. Even now I still get nervous, because I'm not sure I didn't tell too many people all ready. My school, even though it is very integrated, still isn't all that accepting. I know there are some people who would take advantage if the know I was a Wiccan, to start nasty rumors about me.

Outside of the Wiccan world, I am known as Sarah. I live in a suburb of Chicago with my family; parents, dumb brother, 2 cats and 2 dogs, and a sister in college. I think I have a very average/boring life of a teenager, if you count out my "different" religion. I do the teenage thing- the Mall, parties, friends, school, hanging out.

I like to draw and paint a lot, and when I figure out how, I'll put some of my artwork on this website. This is my first attempt at web design, and it's been really frusterating at times. Anyway, I also like to write a lot, and I always have. I'm not into poetry, accept when writing Wiccan stuff, (Quarter Calls, spells, etc.) I don't even like the short story thing. I do novels. At least I try. My dream is to get one published. I haven't finished a novel yet, but I think i've gotten up to about the 110th page. One of these days, I'll do it, I know.

The hardest thing about being a non-Wiccan teenager is, in my beleif, peer pressure. You are constantly trying to go with the crowd, or, in some cases, against the crowd. There is so much critisizing and stereoptyping in the wrold out there that teens are afraid to just be themselves. Not that I'm any exception. Right now I'm working on what I want, my own self-image, not everyone elses. I hope that ends in more self esteem.


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